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Illuminated Signs & Lettering


LED Message Centers

LED Message Centers are not the illuminated signs of the future, they are a reality in our commercial landscape today. LED Message Centers can be completely customized by the client to fit today’s dynamic messaging needs. This is the main reason for their overwhelming popularity. LED Message Centers are also the most energy efficient illuminated sign available.

LED signs come in a variety of sizes and colors:

  • Single Color
  • Tri Color
  • Full Color

Are you interested in owning an LED sign? Here are a couple piece of information that can help you with you decision. The stock sizes can be programmed one of two ways; a remote control or a custom piece of software installed on your computer. The custom built Tri and Full color signs are programmed using custom software installed on your computer, communicating with the sign wirelessly via bluetooth. How soon can I get an LED sign? Stock sizes can be shipped or installed within weeks, while custom size boards take a few months. Call Dolphens Design and Sign a individualized consultation.

Channel Letters

Channel letter are a very popular way to get you business noticed. Each letter or logo is individually built using sheet metal and plexiglass and attached to your building. There are two methods used to attach channel letting to your building; direct installation and raceway installation (attaching the lettering to a box and then mounting the box to your building). Installation techniques vary depending on building codes or local covenants. The sign is lit internally using LEDs, providing a energy efficiency and no maintenance. Traditional channel letters were internally lit with neon. Neon lost favor due to it’s short life span and high maintenance costs (ballasts and etc.).

Internally Illuminated Cabinets

Cabinet signs are a great way to communicate your image to the public. Changing the message, logo or graphics is both inexpensive and turn-around time friendly. Our cabinets are internally lit using electronic ballasts and cool white bulbs or LEDs. Both options are energy efficient, however LEDs are maintenance free. Angle iron and sheet metal are used to construct this cost-effective sign solution.