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Monument Signs


Dolphens Design and Sign has been producing the highest quality monument signs for over 30 years. We combine our background in the construction industry with our graphic design talents to create a value-added sign solution for your business. Our signs can also be accompanied with a lighting package to accommodate your specific needs.

A monument sign can vary in size and shape. We use a variety of materials, textures, colors and design techniques in the production of our signs. We strive to create a memorable icon that serves the purpose of both identifying your business and offering you a unique extension of your company’s outward brand and image.

Monument signs are constructed using one or more of the following fabrications:

  • Wood frame | Skinned with concrete board
  • Polystyrene (foam) core | Encapsulated with a rubber hardcoat
  • Sandblasted wood or HDU (High density urethane)
  • Dimensional lettering | Illuminated & non-illuminated options
  • Carved
  • Airbrush & Gold leaf

Foam Construction

When you think of foam, a sign is not the first application that comes to mind. Think of styrofoam on steroids. Our High Density Urethane (HDU) monuments consist of a solid, precision shaped, polystyrene core and sealed for durability. The sign is then finished with a 100% acrylic textured finish. The result is a long lasting, extremely durable, cost-effective, and versatile alternative to stone or concrete structures. Dolphens Design and Sign use their expertise in carving and construction to create unique eye-catching sign.

Wood and Concrete Construction

This type of sign is constructed on-site. We use a combination of treated lumber, concrete board, mesh and other various materials to construct our most permanent sign structure. A monument sign of this construction is often not able to be relocated.